Tickets? TicketByeBye!

When you get a WARRANT, TICKET BYE-BYE is here for you 24 hours a day!

So you GOT IT, a Warrant here in Nevada. You CLICKED IT, you're here at TICKET BYE-BYE. Attorneys at TICKET BYE-BYE will help you say BYE-BYE to that WARRANT. You might have a Warrant for various reasons. The two most common are that you missed a Court date or you violated a Court order like missing a Court-ordered payment.

Get Back On Track

Our Attorneys want to represent you to get rid of the warrant and get you back on track. A Warrant is an order made by the Court for authorities to bring you in to face the Judge. Getting rid of the Warrant usually involves what is called quashing the Warrant which means that the Court revokes its order for the authorities to bring you back to Court.

Bye Bye!

Just go to our “Submit a Ticket” page and submit your corresponding warrant information. Unfortunately, not all situations stemming from warrants are the same and some have various technicalities that will require more information. If we need more information from you, our attorneys will contact you via email or phone.