Ticket? Ticket Bye Bye

Give us a call or CLICK HERE and put your ticket information in the appropriate boxes. A TICKET BYE-BYE Attorney will call you promptly. Get ready to say BYE-BYE to your ticket.

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DUI? Ticket Bye Bye

DUI in Nevada is a criminal offense that can follow you for many years. Competent, aggressive legal representation is critical when dealing with a DUI offense.

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Warrant? Ticket Bye Bye

Our Attorneys want to represent you to get rid of the warrant and get you back on track. A Warrant is an order made by the Court for authorities to bring you in to face the Judge. We will help you resolve these issues.

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Criminal Problems? Ticket Bye Bye

Everybody makes mistakes. When your mistakes lead you to being ARRESTED, the Attorneys at TICKET BYE-BYE are here to represent you with dignity and respect.

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